Novinářskou cenu

Novinářskou cenu

Journalism award

Journalistic work has important implications for the functioning and development of democratic society. It is for this reason that the Open Society Fund Prague, in collaboration with its partners, has been holding the Journalism Award contest annually since 2010, publicly recognising high quality journalism work.

The award is unique in that it evaluates specific contributions that the authors and editorial boards themselves enter in different categories. Thus, work by renowned and beginning authors alike can succeed. The entries are evaluated by a jury comprised of respected public figures from the Czech Republic and abroad, providing valuable feedback to the journalists. At the same time they attract the public’s attention to journalistic achievements that capture the issues of today’s society in an interesting way.

In the long run, the competition helps to improve journalistic professionalism and public debate about the state of journalism. It also highlights global trends and the need to develop new tools, such as data journalism. Close cooperation with its namesake competition in the Slovak Republic gives the Journalism Award an international dimension, providing an opportunity to compare journalistic methods and topics that move societies in both countries.

  • For me, the award is a confirmation that focused and fair journalism makes sense. That it will find readers and viewers, even if it may not shine on the first pages of the daily newspapers or feature on prime time television. It’s an honour to be in the company of people I respect.

    Josef Pazderka, CT foreign correspondent in Warsaw and winner of the Journalism Award 2012

  • The situation for today’s journalists, whichever type of media they work in, does not even come remotely close to the frequently mentioned mediacracy. There is a considerable amount of media of all kinds, as well as the information they disseminate. This abundance then logically limits their impact and reception. More important is public reflection and thoughtful evaluation, among which the Journalism Award plays a vital and yet inimitable qualitative role.

    Ivo Mathé, Rector of the Academy of Performing Arts, media producer and screenwriter

  • The award is the only prize in the Czech Republic so far which is awarded for specific articles in a given year. It is therefore great feedback, because it is the individual performance and commitment that is rewarded rather than overall merit is.

    Ondřej Kundra, editor of the weekly magazine Respekt and winner of the Journalism Award 2011

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